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Greek Theatre
and Mount Etna, Taormina(ME)

Set between Africa and Europe, the enchanting island of Sicily
is a melting pot of Mediterranean culture and one of Italy’s
most alluring destinations.

Admire the smoking Etna; sea, volcano and
mountain scenery makes a stunning backdrop for outdoors
activities.The ever-present scent of lemon trees, the
Stromboli erupting against a darkening sky, the sense that
history lurks always just around the corner,Ortygia and
Marsala streets, the lonely majesty of Segesta, the exotic
flavours of Sicilian food and the kindness of its people.

Sicily’s ancient cuisine continues to rely on a few key
island-grown ingredients: shellfish and citrus, tuna and
swordfish, pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds, ricotta and wild
herbs. Tradition still plays a crucial role here.

Sicily has always been a crossroads for many peoples up to modern times.
Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, but above all the
Arabs whose cultural influence is still so evident. Whether in
the classical perfection of Agrigento’s Concordia temple or the
rare grace and harmony of a Greek statue, reminders of past
civilisations are everywhere.In Palermo you’ll see Arab
domes and arches, Byzantine mosaics, baroque and Norman palace
walls. This variety of artistic riches remains one of the
island’s most distinctive attractions.