Newsletter for Learn Italian with Pasquale – Lingua & Cultura Italiana

Ciao a tutti! Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter for Learn Italian with Pasquale, the online platform where you can improve your Italian language skills and learn more about the Italian culture. In this issue, we have some exciting news and updates for you, as well as some tips and resources to help you practice your Italian.

First of all, we are happy to announce that we have launched a new course: Italian for Business. This course is designed for intermediate and advanced learners who want to use Italian in a professional context, such as in meetings, negotiations, presentations, emails, and more. You will learn how to communicate effectively and confidently in various business situations, as well as how to use formal and polite language. The course includes video lessons, audio files, exercises, quizzes, and feedback from our native instructors. You can enroll in the course now and get a 20% discount with the code ITALIAN4BUSINESS.

Secondly, we have added some new features to our website that will make your learning experience more enjoyable and interactive. You can now create your own profile, where you can track your progress, set your goals, and earn badges and rewards. You can also join our community forum, where you can chat with other learners, ask questions, share tips, and participate in challenges and contests. We hope you will find these features useful and fun!

Thirdly, we want to share with you some of the best resources that we have found online to help you practice your Italian. These are:

  • Radio Italia: a radio station that plays only Italian music. You can listen to it online or download their app. It’s a great way to expose yourself to different genres and styles of Italian music, as well as to learn new words and expressions.
  • Easy Italian: a YouTube channel that produces videos about various topics related to Italy and its culture. You can watch interviews with real Italians on the streets, learn about the history and traditions of different regions, discover the best places to visit, and more. The videos have subtitles in both Italian and English, so you can follow along easily.
  • Duolingo Stories: a collection of short stories in Italian that you can read or listen to on the Duolingo app or website. The stories are engaging and humorous, and they test your comprehension skills with interactive questions. You can also learn new vocabulary and grammar points from the stories.

We hope you will enjoy these resources and find them helpful for your learning journey. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our platform and our courses. Please feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected].

Grazie mille e a presto!